Shipping, Delivery, Payment, and Warranty Policies

Shipping Transportation and delivery fees (shipping) are additional to the Product price, unless otherwise stated by the Online Store at the time of sale, and must be paid by you. These expenses are not included in the displayed product price, but are calculated, simulated, or presented on the product screen and subsequent shopping cart screens and order confirmation. Prices are in Brazilian Reais and include applicable taxes and fees as per current legislation. The shipping fee is paid by the buyer and may vary depending on the quantity, size, and weight of the purchased Products, delivery address, and carrier(s) rates. The shipping fee is added to the total purchase order value. For purchases made in installments via credit card, the shipping fee will also be divided equally among the number of installments. On specific occasions, such as promotions, shipping may be free; in this case, this option will be indicated on the product, and the shipping fee calculation field will display a value of zero Brazilian Reais (R$0.00).

Delivery This Online Store will deliver the Product(s) from the Purchase Order to a single address in Brazilian territory, as defined by You at the time of purchase, depending on product availability and transport capacity. The accuracy of the delivery address is solely the responsibility of the purchaser; for example, deliveries to P.O. boxes and overseas addresses will not be accepted. To ship items to more than one address, multiple purchase orders are required, one per address. For each new shipping address, billing information must be included, even if it is the same as in the previous order. This is a security measure to protect against misuse of your Online Store access account. Product availability will be indicated in the Online Store, and replenishment will depend on the supplier's capacity. When the option to purchase a product on demand is available, you may make this purchase, with delivery subject to product availability. In case of unavailability of product(s) from a single Purchase Order, the Online Store will dispatch the product(s) available in stock to You, and the other(s) will be sent separately when available. You will be notified in advance by the Online Store of this eventuality and will not incur additional costs beyond those originally assumed by You at the time of purchase. We recommend that you receive your Product(s), subject to your Purchase Order, at the specified address or, when not possible, we will consider that the person receiving it on your behalf has been appointed by you. The recipient of the Product(s) is responsible for checking if they are in perfect condition and signing the Receipt Confirmation at the location indicated by the delivery person. If your Product(s) presents any problem or discrepancy in relation to your Purchase Order, reject the Product, i.e., do not accept the delivery, and contact Customer Service, following the Return and Exchange Policy. In the event that after two (2) delivery attempts it is not possible to carry out the delivery due to the absence of a person to receive it at the indicated location, the product(s) will be returned to the Post Office or to our stock, and in some cases, a new shipping fee may be charged for the product, or even, depending on the product, it may be discarded. Ownership will be transferred to you upon delivery of the Product. When indicated by the manufacturer, you may install the Product, following its instructions, under penalty of loss of the Product Warranty.

Delivery Timeframe

The delivery timeframe of the Purchase Order is provided in business days and will be the one estimated at the time of the Purchase Order confirmation, considering that factors such as location and product availability directly affect the definition of the delivery timeframe. The delivery timeframe starts from the date of payment confirmation by you and confirmation of your Purchase Order, as defined in the Payment Policy defined here. Orders for items in stock will generally be shipped on the same business day if payment is confirmed before 9:00 a.m. (Brasília time). In general, items in stock will be shipped immediately, and items without stock availability will be sent when available. An estimate of the delivery timeframe for each item will be provided on the Order Confirmation page before the final order is placed. The delivery timeframe is an estimate made in good faith, not a guarantee. Items may eventually be shipped by a variety of carriers, and a specific order may be split to expedite delivery. There is no increase in the dispatch and handling fee for separate deliveries. The Online Store is not responsible for damages, losses, and/or damages of any kind resulting from any delay in product delivery.


You can make payment for your Purchase Order through a Credit Card issued in Brazilian territory and accepted by the Pagseguro system (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners, and others) or another available method on the website. When the chosen payment method is Credit Card, for the Purchase Order to be approved, it is necessary for You to have a credit limit with the card issuer.

The delivery fees will be listed separately on the purchase order confirmation. Fees will vary by delivery type and order value. By making this Purchase Order in the Online Store, you agree to honor the obligations assumed due to your Purchase Order, especially by effecting payment in the chosen manner and the burdens and charges arising from any default, whether to the Online Store or to third parties. All information is valid only for purchases made in this Online Store and does not apply to any other form of acquisition. New payment methods may be presented whenever the responsible operator makes them available.


The Warranty of the Products sold through the Online Store will be as provided in the Product Warranty Terms included with the Product in its box and will be provided by the manufacturer with full compliance with the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, as provided in the Return and Exchange Policy.

Miscellaneous Provisions:

The Policies listed below and your Purchase Order constitute the terms and conditions of the Purchase and Sale Agreement ("Agreement") for the product subject to your Purchase Order:

Privacy Policy;

Website Terms and Conditions of Use;

Procedure for Purchase Order, Delivery, Payment, and Warranty; and

Procedures for Return, Exchange, Refusal, and Withdrawal. This contract is governed by Brazilian laws, without regard to principles of conflict of law. You may not assign or transfer your rights or obligations arising from the Agreement without the prior written consent of this company.